ISIS Rebrands to SHAPE

Changing the name was a difficult decision that was made after months of engaging with our employees and external stakeholders.

Whilst our business has continued to improve in FY15, the decision to change came down to what’s in the best interest of the people involved with our business. Ensuring everyone feels safe, connected and proud of working with us is critical.

So what does this mean? Put simply; same company, new name.

Our service offering remains the same. We remain focused on providing the best possible project experience, on time and defect free delivery, and a great place for our employees to work.

We continue to SHAPE the industry as we maintain our proud history as Australia’s leading fitout and refurbishment specialist.

SHAPE embodies what we stand for and pays tribute to the evolution of our business and our role in SHAPING Australia’s fitout and refurbishment space.

After 26 years of transforming property, we continue to SHAPE workspaces and the project journey for our stakeholders, as well as bringing SHAPE to wonderful visions and designs.

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