Managing a Diverse Workforce

In the construction and property industry it takes a range of people with differing skills and talents – often located in a geographically disparate area – to deliver a project and build a successful business. Within many companies, the workforce can range from subcontractors on the tools and project managers on site, to accountants and marketing employees located in head office.

Each of these employees experiences dramatically different working conditions, needs and challenges. However, all must feel engaged and valued at work if a business is to thrive – after all, a good business is a measure of its people. From a HR perspective, managing the needs of a diverse workforce can be difficult and pose issues from an implementation and communication perspective.

Understanding each role in a workforce, uncovering their needs and identifying common issues to address is key to developing a culture that is equally rewarding for all employees – no matter whether they’re on the tools or at a keyboard.

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