Property Industry Foundation (PIF) Annual Charity Yachting Regatta

09 March 2015

PIF annual regatta launching this Friday 

The Annual Property Industry Foundation (PIF) Charity Yachting Regatta is due to take place on Friday 13 March. The SHAPE New South Wales Team are gearing up to participate in their sixth regatta on the Sydney Harbour. Each year the regatta attracts 100 boats on average with approximately 2,000 property and construction industry representatives. The purpose of the regatta is to raise much needed funds to support young homeless Australian's. The one day event unites property and construction companies together to create a high impact event in order to draw awareness to this prevalent issue. The money raised from fundraising goes to the PIF Housing Programme – building homes for these disadvantaged youths so they can receive rehabilitation, education, food, clothing and safety. 

Since the charity’s inception in 1996, PIF has raised over $20 million dollars in cash to over 20 different children’s charity programmes. This has been made possible through corporate donations and a variety of core fundraiser events such as the PIF Yachting Regatta raising over $400,000. SHAPE New South Wales will continue to be a proud participant at this annual event, helping to raise much needed funds and draw awareness to this community issue.  

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