SHAPE VIC receives Five Star Certification

19 August 2011

Earlier this week, the SHAPE Melbourne Office received its 5 Star Green Star Office Interiors v1.1 certification.

The office, located at 5 Queens Road, is an example of installing a very contemporary office design inside an older building.  The success in blending the sustainability and design features is confirmed by the office also receiving a NABERS Indoor Environmental Quality score of 4.5 and an occupant satisfaction score of 92%.

The design ethos for this project was “habitat for our people” and the office incorporates many features that improve the well being of its occupants - including lots of additional fresh air, low solvent materials and good access to daylight and break-out areas.

The office scored 70 Green Star points and did particularly well in the categories of Management, Energy, Transport, Water, Materials and Emissions.

The main lessons learnt were:
• Good documentation capture from subcontractors speeds up Green Star certification.
• The best results come from close collaboration between the tenant, builder, architect and services engineer.

Click here to view the SHAPE VIC case study.

This entry was posted on Friday, 19 August 2011.

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