Bedford Medical Centre

A medical fitout in three weeks

The Bedford Medical Centre premises were to be demolished and they needed a new facility that could be up and running within three weeks, an almost impossible timeframe. The new clinic was to include nine consultation rooms, three screening rooms and a waiting area. The client chose SHAPE because they were the only fitout company who could complete the project so quickly.

A quality facility

As managing contractor, SHAPE collaborated with the client on design and construction to make sure the tight timeline didn’t impact on quality. SHAPE  secured materials and workers for reasonable rates because of the strong relationships it has built within the industry. We engaged subcontractors to work long days and weekends to ensure timely completion within budget.


"SHAPE were professional, pragmatic and results-orientated. They enabled us to achieve solutions that we needed. They served us so we could continue to serve our patients. We are very grateful.”

Client: Bedford Medical Centre

Floor Area: 750 m²

Delivery Model: Managing Contractor

Location: Clovelly Park, Adelaide

State: SA

Project type: Refurbishment

Completion date: October 2009

Duration: 3 weeks

Sector: Healthcare

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