Peninsula Private Hospital Cath Laboratory

Maintaining hospital continuity at all times

SHAPE was engaged by repeat client, Ramsay Health, to refurbish a new cath lab in the existing space after a ten year life span of the facility. Clever programming meant that constructing a new theatre and installing the new equipment allowed the new lab to be finished and operational before decommissioning the existing lab. SHAPE was charged with maintaining hospital continuity in the areas adjacent to the work. Due to the sensitive nature of the hospital, it was vital that patients, staff and hospital operations remained undisturbed. 

Client: Ramsay Health

Floor Area: 123 m²

Delivery Model: Construction Management

Location: Melbourne

State: VIC

Project type: Refurbishment

Completion date: February 2013

Duration: 2 months

Architect: Suters

Sector: Healthcare

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