Hilton Hotel Brisbane

Five star iconic refurbishment

This iconic Brisbane hotel needed an extensive refurbishment and SHAPE  was engaged to upgrade the Hilton to its full potential, maintaining its 5 star luxury. The project consisted of 240 bathrooms and 80 rooms in a fully operating environment.

Since business continuity was vital to the success of the project, SHAPE  staged the project over two floors at a time, with 30 days per stage. Noisy works schedules were also completed and provided to the client for approval, ensuring that the hotel was able to remain fully functional over the 6 month project.


"The team was professional at all times, they communicated exceptionally well, they offered solutions to problems and they were at all times respectful of working in a difficult hotel environment. Congratulations on delivering a project on schedule, on budget and at times we did not even know you were here – what more could an Inn Keeper ask for."

Martin Kendall

General Manager Hilton Brisbane

Client: Hilton Hotel

Floor Area: 12 floors, 240 rooms

Delivery Model: Lump sum

Location: Brisbane

State: QLD

Project type: Refurbishment, $5 Million+

Completion date: August 2011

Duration: 6 months

Sector: Hotels

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