Sofitel Brisbane

An award-winning refurbishment

The Sofitel hotel brand is known for its five star luxury and high-end interiors. Thakral Holdings Properties wanted to rebrand the old Sheraton in Brisbane with a $6.5 million refurbishment including a new lobby, bar and restaurant. As managing contractor, SHAPE  was responsible for the budget and collaborated with the architect on the design. This meant key elements of the design could be achieved cost-effectively.

Quality and experience

The client chose SHAPE  to complete the project because of their extensive expertise in hotel, restaurant and bar refurbishments. This meant SHAPE  had access to subcontractors and suppliers with specific expertise and the ability to complete high-end work. The project was a success for Thakral, and SHAPE  won the MBA Queensland Award for Best Refurbishment/Renovation Project in 2008.


"We are really happy with the finished result. The fact that we could maintain 85 per cent occupancy while works were being carried out is a testament to SHAPE’s work methods and the effort they took to understand what we needed.”

Wayne Munn

Thakral Holdings Properties, TBC

Client: Thackral Holdings Properties

Floor Area: 1,850 m²

Delivery Model: Managing Contractor

Location: Brisbane

State: QLD

Project type: Refurbishment, $5 Million+

Completion date: December 2007

Duration: 4 months

Sector: Hotels

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