The Trustee Bar & BISTRO

Overcoming barriers to build bar and bistro

As a high end restaurant and bar, The Trustee Bar & Bistro required a specialist contractor who could maintain the heritage elements of the space, whilst delivering on the client’s vision.

SHAPE  met the client’s requirements and even contributed to the design of the project, as the designers were not involved in the construction stage of the project, requiring SHAPE  to assist. An addition project concern was that the site was controlled by another contractor. This required collaboration to ensure access and deliveries were seamless. To meet the needs of our client, SHAPE  also to absorb many construction items that were originally the responsibility of the other contractor.

Client: The Trustee Bar & Bistro

Floor Area: 470 m²

Delivery Model: Lump sum

Location: Perth

State: WA

Project type: Fitout, Heritage

Completion date: May 2012

Duration: 12 weeks

Architect: Bremick

Sector: Hotels

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