BHP Billiton

Precise delivery

BHP wanted a principal contractor to deliver an office fitout to their exact specifications within budget. BHP offices must be identical in finish and layout at each of their worldwide locations. Three weeks before completion, BHP asked SHAPE to include a state of the art Halo meeting room. SHAPE rescheduled the program, dedicating resources for seven days a week.

High quality fitout

To maintain quality control, SHAPE completed site inspections with architects and engineers each week, which resulted in zero defects on handover. At the end of the project, SHAPE created a coffee table book detailing the transformation of the BHP offices. The client asked for 100 reprints to send to their worldwide offices to showcase the new Brisbane office.


“SHAPE was an absolute pleasure to work with. If I ever have to do this sort of thing again, I hope it is with you or at least someone of your excellent skills and qualities. I can’t recommend you all highly enough.”

Client: BHP Billiton

Floor Area: 1,800 m²

Delivery Model: Fixed lump sum

Location: Brisbane

State: QLD

Project type: Fitout

Completion date: March 2009

Duration: 12 weeks

Sector: Office

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