Castlemaine XXXX

Transforming a heritage-listed building

Lion Nathan wanted to convert a run-down disused area of the Castlemaine Perkins brewery complex into a showcase where the company could entertain clients. The refurbishment was to incorporate a new lift shaft and specialised bar area. Lion Nathan wanted SHAPE to deliver a fitout that would not impact on the brewery business located at the same site.

No environmental impact

Because the warehouse was located on the banks of the Brisbane River, it was important that environmental protocols were not breached during the project. This could have resulted in significant fines for the client. SHAPE implemented a new environmental warning system to make sure there were no spills.

Client: Lion Nathan

Floor Area: 3,500 m²

Delivery Model: Construction Management

Location: Brisbane

State: QLD

Project type: Refurbishment, Heritage

Completion date: December 2000

Duration: 17 weeks

Sector: Office

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