Community CPS

Community consultation

Working in alignment with the base build refurbishment at 100 Waymouth Street, SHAPE  was able to provide an integrated fitout for Community CPS. After being in their current office space for 25 years, the prospect of changing office spaces was very daunting. SHAPE  focused on certainty of delivery and seamless transition for the client, using a combination of value management techniques, a design and construct delivery approach, and the implementation of a change management programme.

Focusing on the client’s needs ensured a strong understanding of the fear of change that existed amongst staff at Community CPS. SHAPE’s change management approach ensured that the Community CPS employees were taken on the project journey and were engaged with the process to address any issues of concerns.

Client: Community CPS

Floor Area: 3,200 m²

Delivery Model: Design & Construct

Location: Adelaide

State: SA

Project type: Fitout

Completion date: November 2012

Duration: 14 weeks

Architect: Woodhead

Engineers: BCA Engineers

Sector: Office

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