Smooth transition for HopgoodGanim

SHAPE was engaged by HopgoodGanim to provide a new office that reflects their values and accommodates all staff as well as provide room for further expansion in the future.

HopgoodGanim’s key client value was for SHAPE  to manage unforeseen risk factors outside our control without delay to programme or impact on cost. SHAPE  created and closely monitored a detailed construction programme that met the client’s expectations and ensured each subcontractor met the required project deadline. The items that required particularly long lead times such as the fabrics, stone and film were identified early to ensure all materials were available. By developing a detailed programme and careful management of expectations SHAPE  was able to provide a smooth transition for HopgoodGanim into their new office space.

Client: HopgoodGanim

Floor Area: 850 m²

Delivery Model: Lump sum

Location: Perth

State: WA

Project type: Fitout, Refurbishment

Completion date: December 2013

Duration: 10 weeks

Architect: Maxwell Penhey Architects

Sector: Office

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