Lincolne Scott

SHAPE  re-engineers green engineers

Melbourne’s busy Bourke Street Mall throws up special challenges for the construction and refit business. As the heart beat of the CBD’s retail precinct, including two flagship department stores, access is never easy. This wasn’t the only challenge SHAPE  had to overcome. The project team also had to:

  • Comply to the letter with Green Star requirements
  • Work within ISO14001 standards
  • Provide value beyond the partnership

The brief from Lincolne Scott engineers, part of the massive global engineering group, WSP Group, was to work with their architects on a refit to achieve two goals. The first  to encourage staff interaction would rest largely on the quality of the design and the workmanship. The second was to take sustainability to its limits. To further test the team, the project had to be completed quickly and without unnecessary disturbance to Lincolne Scott or its retail neighbours.


“I am completely reinvigorated by this space.” “Each morning when the lift door opens I am so excited to be coming to work in this environment.”

Client: Lincolne Scott

Floor Area: 1,800 m²

Delivery Model: Construction Manager

Location: Melbourne

State: VIC

Project type: Fitout, Sustainability

Completion date: December 2007

Duration: 14 weeks

Sector: Office

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