McKell Building

Zero defects ensure zero problems

NSW Public works engaged SHAPE  to undertake the refurbishment of three floors in the McKell Building as part of its rolling upgrade programme to provide contemporary, high quality accommodation in the building.

The client needed SHAPE  to fulfill their critical project needs, requiring on time project completion, zero defects at handover and no disruption to the surrounding businesses. SHAPE  was operating within a live environment, as many employees moved in prior to project completion.

The client was pleased that our works were completed without any lost productivity for the building occupants.  The client was impressed with the way SHAPE  staff accommodated changes to the project and still managed to provide a defect free delivery.

Client: NSW Public Works

Floor Area: 3,300 m²

Delivery Model: Lump sum

Location: Sydney

State: NSW

Project type: Refurbishment

Completion date: June 2011

Duration: 7 months

Architect: NSW Public Works

Sector: Office

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