MLC Campus

Complex, organic design unfolds in 1950s heritage site

The MLC Campus in North Sydney was designed to create an environment of open communication, discussion and generation of ideas in distinctive working environments. MLC wished to create an auditorium/entertainment area, client meeting area, casual lounge and terrace in the heritage listed building’s ground floor. With experience in restoring, extending and preserving heritage-listed structures, SHAPE was able to apply techniques and manage contractors to ensure the integrity of the building was unaffected by the project.

Onsite modeling creates unique interior

Bringing to life the architect’s bold, origami-inspired design for the terrace and casual lounge areas presented a particular challenge. SHAPE’s solution was a full scale, onsite modelling approach. By forming an outline of the various facets of ceiling and roofing elements, we presented a visual guide to the architect and client. Once the model was approved, specifications were sent to Germany, where the stretch fabric “facets” were cut to size for application to the structural steel sub-frame.

Client: MLC Campus

Floor Area: 1,500 m²

Delivery Model: Lump sum

Location: North Sydney

State: NSW

Project type: Fitout, Refurbishment, Heritage

Completion date: August 2009

Duration: 3 stages over 6 months

Sector: Office

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