Five Star Green Star at the top-end

As a leader in Green Star fitouts and refurbishments, SHAPE has demonstrated a commitment to sustainability with the fitout of a new office in Darwin that  has achieved a 4 Star Green Star - Office Interiors v1.1 certified rating. This certification will set a new standard for sustainable office design in the Northern Territory.

Launched early 2011, the SHAPE Darwin Office is a practical example of integrating ecologically sustainable development (ESD) principles into the design of a commercial office that is located in a challenging climate.

Client: SHAPE Australia

Floor Area: 766 m²

Delivery Model: Managing Contractor

Location: Darwin

State: NT

Project type: Fitout, Sustainability

Completion date: November 2010

Duration: 2.5 months

Sustainability: Project targeting 5 Star Green Star (Office Interiors v1.1)

Sector: Office

Download Project Profile(0.87 MB)5 Star Office(1.75 MB)
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