ME Bank

Prototype design and build creates a tradition for the future

ME Bank customers are used to a service-oriented online platform. When the bank took the decision to establish physical banking facilities, it looked to a firm that could create a tradition from scratch.

The design brief called for engagement, approachability and friendliness. These were the qualities that ME Bank wanted their customers to experience. In fulfilling the brief, SHAPE had to:

  • Complete the projects on time to take full advantage of all the chosen locations around Australia
  • Deal with noise management in busy retail environments
  • Manage buildability and materials issues consistent with the security needs of a bank
  • Add value to the brand through an improved customer experience

SHAPE created open plan and private spaces for clients. Turquoise and blue graphics underpin the ME Bank brand and were carefully integrated into the overall design which was then rolled out around the country. SHAPE  transformed an awkward shape into a compelling physical space, helping to bring about a positive shift in customer perception and a boost to ME Bank’s reputation.

Client: Members Equity

Location: Melbourne

State: VIC

Project type: Fitout, Sustainability

Completion date: February 2010

Duration: 7 weeks

Sector: Retail

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