Anzac Memorial

Icon upgrade preserves memories for future generations

The ANZAC Memorial in Hyde Park is a Sydney landmark, commemorating those from NSW who were involved in conflicts. Standing around 35 metres high, the iconic, granite clad concrete building was long overdue for refurbishment and also required some modernisation. As Head Contractor, SHAPE  worked with the ANZAC Memorial Trustees to upgrade and repair the art deco exterior, install a lift to all levels and refurbish the heritage listed interior.

Heritage experience provides solutions

This high profile project demanded a broad range of restoration techniques. SHAPE removed and identically refitted 400 granite stones, some weighing more than 250 kilograms. Our team built a lift in a self supporting structure to leave interior features, such as marble wall cladding, largely intact. We reused Jarrah timber flooring, and identified and matched original paint colours using paint layer samples. We also cleaned and repaired 120,000 stars that adorn the dome ceiling, and manufactured an additional 133 stars.

Client: ANZAC Memorial Trustees

Floor Area: 626 m²

Location: Sydney

State: NSW

Project type: Refurbishment, Heritage

Completion date: October 2009

Duration: Two stages over 11 months

Sector: Specialty

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