Christie's Beach Aboriginal Children's Centre

Community consultation

Undertaking a refurbishment of the Aboriginal Children and Family Centre required a collaborative contractor with a focus on community consultation. With a preference for a partnership approach on projects, SHAPE was the right candidate to deliver this new community project.

Consultation with the local Aboriginal community and artists ensured resounding approval of project specifics. Community consultation sessions allowed the community a voice to express any concerns or request specific actions. A work experience programme also acknowledged the importance of the Indigenous community to the project and encouraged involvement from young Aboriginal students interested in construction.

This community centre was a powerful and important project for SHAPE to be a part of and the project team and wider SHAPE  are grateful for the opportunity to deliver such a culturally significant project.

Client: Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

Floor Area: 1,000 m²

Delivery Model: Design & Construct

Location: Adelaide

State: SA

Project type: Refurbishment, Government

Completion date: February 2013

Duration: 10 months

Architect: JPE

Engineers: BCA Engineers, CPR Consulting Engineers

Sector: Specialty Government

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