Leanyer Water Park Kiosk

Enhancing facilities for water park guests

SHAPE was engaged by the North Queensland Government to upgrade the existing kiosk and also deliver a commercial kitchen and cafe/bistro space, providing visitors with better facilities to enjoy whilst visiting the Leanyer Water Park Kiosk.

SHAPE used our design capabilities to assist with the design of the disabled access ramp, identifying safety issues to and creating solutions that ensured the ramp did not interfere with pool safety. There was a significant focus on minimising interference with patrons during the construction process, while still completing the project quickly to meet the client’s deadline.

Client: Northern Territory Government

Floor Area: 123 m²

Delivery Model: Lump sum

Location: Darwin

State: NT

Project type: Fitout, Government

Completion date: April 2012

Duration: 5 months

Architect: Department of Construction and Infrastructure (DCI)

Sector: Specialty Government

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