Murray Bridge Library

Creative design impacts community space

The development of the new Murray Bridge Library was a key initiative by the Rural City of Murray Bridge in creating a new direction for Council services and to provide a new social and community hub with leading edge learning facilities for the local people.

SHAPE focused on meeting the key project challenges, including understanding design philosophy, recognising the intensive detailing, coordinating with the base building contractor and their works, and meeting the non-negotiable opening date.

The much anticipated library was officially opened to the community for Children’s Book Week following a 16 Week construction phase.

Client: Rural City of Murray Bridge

Floor Area: 1,850 m²

Delivery Model: Lump sum

Location: Murray Bridge

State: SA

Project type: Fitout, Government

Completion date: January 2012

Duration: 16 weeks

Architect: Hassell

Sector: Specialty Government

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