Old Parliament House

“Provisional” parliament returns to the people

After 61 years as the national seat of Government, Old Parliament House now serves as an office space, a gracious museum and home to the National Portrait Gallery. To operate as a public space, it needed considerable refurbishment. SHAPE’s expertise in managing complex heritage projects guided the consultation process and negotiated a complex set of approvals. SHAPE delivered a heritage-approved, asbestos-free and contemporary space perfectly suited to its mixed-use purpose.


“This was always going to be a complex project. There were many factors —and many unknowns—to address. In a heritage restoration of this sensitivity, there are also many participants with varying points of view. It’s a credit to SHAPE that they steered through the obstacles calmly and fruitfully.”

Erni Rauter

Project Director

Client: OPH Capital Projects

Floor Area: 4,000 m²

Location: Canberra

State: ACT

Project type: Refurbishment, Heritage, $5 Million+

Completion date: April 2009

Duration: 9 months

Sector: Specialty

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